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Background Info on Dragon Shiryu [Oct. 2nd, 2005|10:42 pm]
The Dragon Shiryu Shrine


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Shiryu is many people's favorite. That's probably because he is super handsome with that flowing long hair, he's smart, considerate, calm, and very powerful. He also seems to be the one beating up most enemies. Shiryu looks more Chinese than Japanese, cuz he was trained in China by Dohko, or Roshi, who is the Libra Gold Saint, the oldest of all Saints and the most respected. Shiryu also has a girlfriend, Shunrei, who prays for Shiryu everytime he goes to battle, and because she has some kind of supernatural power too, her prayers can disturb the mind of Shiryu's enemies and make him realise that in a place far away, his love is praying for him to return safely, thus encouraging him to raise his cosmo and finally beat the opponent. Shiryu is often seen blind. The first time was when he was fighting Perseus Argor, who has a Medusa Shield that turns everyone who looks into it into stone(Shun fell for it), so Shiryu was forced to pierce his own eyes in order to not see the Medusa and beat up Argor. This wound healed once when he raised his cosmo to the limit, but soon he was blind again. This time is by Indian Ocean's shogun Keshura, who used his chi to blind Shiryu, for good this time, since it's no physical injury.

Please fell free to post anything of our beautiful Dragon..
+Anything else on Shiryu
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